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99 days to 50 miles May 22, 2012

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today is day 88!!!

it is holiday monday and my training has been a little sporadic over the past 4 days. thursday, i ran 6K with our level 2 group in the clinic, friday was doug’s birthday so we started drinking around 11:00am and spent the rest of the day in the same manner! Saturday doug was going to do his long run at night and i was going to join him after work. he wasn’t feeling the love so i just ended up doing 6K again in the morning. Sunday we went out on our first big bike ride of the season- unfortunately, it is the motorized kind so not much of a cardio workout! i worked 8 hours and then caught up with doug, who had decided to do his long run, about 1:15am. i ran his last 15K with him and felt pretty good. my feet were a little sore but i’m sure that was because i had already put in a full day on my feet. Today we walked for about an hour and then I went to work….

this week will be a bit lighter because we have the 50K trail race on saturday but i will still do some stuff because i find a full taper just about sends me over the edge. i now have to work saturday night after the race so it will be a REAL endurance event!!! oh well! it’s all good training!!!!



1. Martin - May 22, 2012

Impressive how you can function on so little sleep! I enjoy reading the blog and following your prep! Great job and keep the blog going and the stories coming!

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