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99 Days to 50 Miles May 25, 2012

Posted by Grimsby Runners in Uncategorized.

well here we are at day 84!!!

Tomorrow is the first race of our training schedule, the Sulphur Springs 50K trail run. I love this race and tomorrow promises to be a sunny and possibly cooler day which would be fantastic. i have to work tomorrow night so i’m not sure how my post race will look…. i don’t think it will be pretty!! 🙂

I have altered my diet slightly by limiting my cocktail consumption today (so far) in hopes of being somewhat hydrated when i start.  My carnartion instant breakfast upset my tummy a bit this morning but i will probably risk it tomorrow anyway because of the energy it gives me. i had a sandwich and chicken noodle soup for lunch and will probably have mashed potatoes for dinner. i LOVE potatoes!!! i have to work tonight also so tonight’s sleep will b limited but i had a long sleep last night and i’m hoping that will carry me over!

my rest day today involved cleaning out the garage, a dump run and trying to fix the garage door opener so basically all the things we tell people in our clinics NOT to do. Oh! I didn’t garden! so there! it IS a rest day after all!!




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