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99 Days to 50 Miles May 28, 2012

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day 81….

well sulphur springs did NOT go the way i planned! it was a beautiful day! a bit warm in the sun and humid  but in the woods it was cool and that was NICE!! This is a sentimental race for me- it was my first trail race and i still love it. the crew is awesome even without Dieter…. positive thoughts are with him!!

The first lap went very well. the second took a long time and i realized, much to my dismay, that if our third lap was the same speed or slower i would barely make it home in time to get to work. I struggled with the decision but as my running partner suggested- i think you know what you have to do you just don’t like the idea.

So i finished 30K….. in 5 hours. I hit every porta-potty on the course :-S and I’m not sure how to manage this… Lactose intolerant? I may experiment with a dairy free diet but i LOVE cheese! Hmmmph! I consider this to be a decent work out anyway and apparently my legs agree because they are still complaining a little bit. working saturday and sunday night probably didn’t help! I will run 12 Mile Creek half-marathon (another hidden gem!) on saturday as my middle distance run and do something long the weekend after. it’s 4 weeks until my next training race (Niagara Ultra 50K) and i plan to put in 3.5 weeks of solid training and somewhat healthy eating- I may die or get faster, we’ll see which one wins out! 🙂



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