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About Grimsby Runners

Welcome to The Grimsby Runners Blog!

This is the space for runners by runners.     

Read about upcoming races and events, goals and personal accomplishments, advice and useful tips – any and everything that will help other runners. 

How to Write for the Grimsby Runners Blog   

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Writing Your Own Posts.

Do you have news about upcoming races and events? Do you want to share useful fitness and running tips? Do you have a personal accomplishment or recommendations and advice for other runners? 

Share your news, ideas, goals, personal accomplishments, advice and useful tips, or anything that will help other runners. If you would like to write your own articles on the Grimsby Runners Blog, please contact the web administrator at info(at)breathe-creative.com or us at grimsbyrunners(at)cogeco.net to become registered as a Contributor (remember to replace the “at” with the appropriate symbol). It only takes a couple seconds to add your e-mail to the list and you are up and running!   

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 Grimsby Runners has served the Grimsby community for 5 years.  Grimsby Runners provides walk-run and running clinics as well as personal training for pace, endurance, core training, strength and weights.  We believe in the importance of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle and will strive to help you reach and maintain your wellness goals. We have built a family of runners from the Grimsby and surrounding areas. We service all levels of runners from the beginner walk/jogger to the elite marathoner, giving each person team support, care, focus and attention to reach their personal running goals.      











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