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99 DAYS TO 50 MILES, 2013!!! April 11, 2013

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That’s right everyone! I’m going to try again! I’ll start the blog on May 10 aiming for the Beast of Burden 50 Miler on August 17th. I had to delay last year after a bout with skin cancer that required several surgeries and 20 radiation treatments and rotator cuff surgery after falling in my local creek! What a year!!! This one has to be better! So stay tuned! More to come starting May 10th!!!


99 DAYS to 50 MILES May 9, 2012

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hello all!

I am Jen, co-owner of the Grimsby Runners at 14 Ontario St in beautiful downtown Grimsby.  ok- that’s the end of the plug!

i’ve decided to blog about my preparation for my first 50 miler for a couple reasons. My husband and co-owner, Doug and i like to tell people and share our running joy with anyone who will listen. Also I figure it will help keep me honest as far as my training goes!

I’ll give a bit of background…. I have run a few 50K races but the jump to a 50 miler seems pretty substantial! I was a geek in high school and never athletic so when i say if i can do it, anyone can do it- i mean it!! i also have asthma, and I babysit my grandson full time, and i have a full time job outside of our store. A little ambitious? maybe….

my husband is a VERY experienced ultra runner. this tends to change one’s frame of reference for what is “normal” running! my first official race was the Jasper to Banff Relay in which I ran 2 legs (about 21 miles). My second race was the Toronto Marathon. I had no idea that there were 5 and 10K races!!! if anyone i went to school with were to read this i know they would be saying “the Jennifer that we went to school with???? She was president of the music department, wasn’t she?” I didn’t start running until my early 30’s- it really is NEVER too late!!!

So tomorrow i start my 99 days of training. today i have eaten chips, popcorn, hot dogs and had a couple drinks already! I will run a long training run on Saturday morning with my trail running partner, Martin in preparation for our first big preparatory event, the Sulphur Springs  trail run (50K) on may 26. we haven’t done as much training as we should have and the only thing that makes the prospect of that much pain bearable is the fact that i get to spend the better part of a day out in the woods with someone that i like. And the food at the race is great!!!

So first run of the training schedule tomorrow…. right now i think i’ll go have another vex on the beach!!!

Spring has sprung! April 1, 2011

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Hello All!!!!! I would just like to start this e-mail off by offering some congratulations- for those of you who finished your clinic session by completing some or all of the 5 and 30 k at the Bay Race- GREAT JOB!!!! For those of you who have graduated from a rather tough winter session of the clinic- GREAT JOB!!!!! I’m very proud of all of you!!!!

Well the spring session will be under way starting April 4th and 5th so if you haven’t signed up yet- do it now!!!! It promises to be fantastic weather and there will be lots of great learning opportunities for all of our members!

The guest speaker line up is as follows:

April 11 Chris McKie at 7:15 (after the clinic) on the benefits of hydrating with E-Load

April 18 Jacinda Martin, certified holistic nutritionist, at 6:30 on nutrition

May 9 Shelli Wilmshurst, RMT, at 6:30 on stretching and the benefits of massage

May 16 Tony Varsalona, chiropractor and ART provider, at 6:30 on sports injuries and ART (active release technique)

I will also be giving information sessions on clothing, stretching, shoes, the benefits of core workouts and training tips for those of you who are gearing up for a successful racing season.

Levels 1 and 2 will focus on building endurance and getting to run a 5K or 10K respectively whereas Level 3 will focus on training to improve time and general fitness by using the time tested method of combining intervals, hill work and distance.

Do you want to get PBs (Personal Bests) without feeling run down all the time or suffering injury? Then the Grimsby Runners Clinic is the place for you!!!! On Saturday April 30th we will holding a nutrition night upstairs at Fluid Fitness at 6:30pm for all clinic members (the gym is closed to the public at 6:00).

Jacinda Martin, certified chef, certified holistic nutritionist, teacher and corporate trainer and speaker will be giving a program that will include understanding what we’re eating (deciphering food labels) and how to actually fuel our bodies in these times of processed and fast foods. There will be time for questions and should run for about 60 -90 minutes (so you can still have a wild Saturday night afterward!). Refreshments and healthy snacks will be provided!

Fluid Fitness and Grimsby Runners are offering a 10 week boot camp starting April 4th. There are several different types of class available at 7 different times during the week including 2 women’s only classes taught by Jen. The price for 10 weeks (unlimited sessions) is $229.00 +HST which includes membership to the gym for the duration of the boot camp! A great price to get the summer body you want with the performance you know you’re capable of!!! Call me at 905-920-7866 or Mike at 905-945-0389 and sign up soon! Limited space available!

Just a reminder to those signing up for the clinic spring session- we do have a yearlong membership available for $199.99 which is the equivalent of getting the summer session for free!!! WOW!!!!

I also offer personal training to improve performance, speed, pacing, muscle tone and core strength and package pricing is available- get the personal attention you want to achieve your fitness goals! Look for us on Facebook and our website at www.grimsbyrunners.com

Have a great start to Spring and enjoy the sun and upcoming warmer weather!!!!! We look forward to seeing you all next week!


The Great Waterfront Trail Adventure!! March 16, 2011

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Who loves an adventure? We do!  Mix adventure with bikes near water and you have The Great Waterfront Trail Adventure.

According to the website, “July 2008 was the inaugural year of the Great Waterfront Trail Adventure, the first end-to-end tour of the Trail that is welcoming the public.  In 2002, partners of the trail, including journalist Kate Harries, rode the length of the route and documented their journey in a series of articles that appeared in the Toronto Star.”

From a few end-to-enders who have done their own tours to sharing the experience with as many people as possible, there is a true sense of pride and accomplishment in traveling along the entire 730 kms of the Waterfront Trail, plus it provides a unique experience of southern Ontario.  

Click on the images below to download for more information or check out the website to learn more: www.waterfronttrail.org

Click on poster to download:  

Click on the poster to download:

Post Race!!!! March 5, 2011

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Hello everyone!!!

Hope everybody is enjoying a beautiful day and that those of you who ran last Sunday are also enjoying a well earned sense of accomplishment!

Everyone who ran on Sunday did a great job! For those of you who tried your first race- I’ll bet you’re hooked and for those of you who ran the 3K or the half as race “veterans”- I’ll bet you’re pretty happy with how it turned out especially after Saturday`s weather!!!!! I was very excited to see all the smiling faces out there even if you were nervous inside- GREAT JOB EVERYONE!!!!!!
On a business note, I wanted to clear up what our clinic fees are for and what you`re paying for when you`re a member of the Grimsby Runners. When you join the Grimsby Runners for either the year long membership or by session you get access to all of the following:

  • any of the 7 runs that go from the gym (6 of which are structured runs if you choose)
  • Doug`s instruction
  • Doug`s vast running experience (i.e. all the mistakes he`s made so you don`t have to! J)
  • advice on stretching, nutrition, injury prevention and motivation
  • A place to meet and use of bathroom facilities
  • programs to help you accomplish your specific running goals
  • insurance coverage while you are running
  • guest speakers on related topics
  • discounts on product for the duration of the clinic, not just one time (and there`s more to come!)
  • discounts on Niagara Series Races
  • Grimsby Runners web page and blog
  • Grimsby Runner’s Face book page
  • and last but certainly not least, the camaraderie of a group of like minded people- there`s nothing like it!

If you join for $200 per year membership the fee is a little over $16 per month- That`s a pretty good deal!!!! I’ve heard that some people do not feel this is good value and unfortunately this the way the group evolves. We welcome new people who have worked up their nerve to try it and we bid a fond farewell to our graduates who choose to move on. The group is ever changing and I find that keeps it fresh! We do offer a `pay-as-you-go`card for people who want to run with us occasionally and it`s $30 for 10 sessions.

On a more personal note I would like to apologize for my emotional response to recent events. As anyone who has ever talked to me about running knows, I am passionate about it. You can’t be that passionate about certain things without being emotional about others. I have been quite upset with what I see as a potential division in the group between those who feel they have outgrown the group and those who feel they still have things to learn. By my reactions I fear I may have deepened the divide instead of mending it. I have trained close to 20 members to qualify for Boston in the past and countless others to cross other personal finish lines. I will continue to train any others who wish to do the best they can do and learn as I continue to learn. Let’s face it intervals are intervals and they’re boring. There is no other single workout that will make you faster more effectively than doing them so that’s why we continue every Tuesday! I also try to mix up the workouts so there is really something for everyone and it’s not quite so monotonous- variety IS the spice of life! So if you haven’t been out for a while- try it! There’s always something new!

Let me just tell all of you how I see this group evolving from here and ask for your assistance in maintaining a positive atmosphere.

Runners are being created here, wings are sprouting, dreams are being realized and personal goals are being accomplished. For the new members the group offers a safe and supportive place to try something new and discover that yes they can do it! The more seasoned runners whether they are marathoners, 5 or 10 K runners or Boston marathoners and qualifiers have all attained their goals on the crest of a wave of positive energy that the group sends as the members cross their fingers and hold their collective breath hoping that each of realize you dreams, whatever those dreams are. In turn the seasoned runners waste no time in reaching back to the `newbies` and saying COME ON! We started where you are too! This group will help you! It is a great mutually beneficial relationship and there is no room for negativity here.

We are all runners. Is it more difficult to hone your skill to finally do the time you want or to start out when you`re scared to death? I don`t know the answer but I do know that everyone who drags their butt out on a windy winter day is elite and this club is FULL of elite runners! Let`s respect and encourage each other! This club has always been and will continue to be a haven for people who need something positive in their lives. Had a tough day of bickering and backbiting at work? Problems at home? Come to the running club- we will pick you up, brush you off and tell you `you can do it!`

In closing, yes Jen helped me write this e-mail! 🙂 Part of knowing yourself is knowing what you`re good at and what you`re not and words are definitely her thing! She has always been good at putting my feelings into the proper words.

The Around the Bay Road Race is quickly approaching so let`s move on to our next big challenge and have a great race!
Happy training!

Spring is coming – no, really!!! February 12, 2011

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I hope everybody is enjoying this nice winter weather! Brrrrr!!!!!
I just want to let you know in advance of our upcoming guest speakers so you can plan to attend any of the info sessions you’re interested in.
Feb 14th                Dr Tony Varsalona (chiropractor and ART provider) on stretching and the benefits of ART (active release technique)

Feb 28th                Shelli Wilmshurst (RMT) on running injuries and the benefits of massage therapy

March 7th             Jerry Friesen on his race series (The Subaru Niagara Running Series), how to enter a race and race day procedure (see www.instride.ca)
Everyone is welcome for these little chats at 6:30 on the specified nights. The clinic will proceed after the speakers have finished and answered any questions.
The recent “nutrition night” at Carolynn and Ted’s was a big success and they said they didn’t mind if I borrowed the idea so I’m planning a similar event at the gym where we can accommodate everyone who wants to come. I’m in the process of lining up some speakers in the nutrition industry so stay tuned to get the date on this event and plan to come out for some food, fun and info!
Spring is around the corner and many of you are ramping up your training for some spring events (or summer bikinis!).  Please remember that while the skeleton of the training schedule remains the same for runners training for races (and bikinis), i.e. Tuesday intervals, Thursday hills and Saturday long runs, I am always trying new methods within that framework to improve your performance.  Whether you are training for a 5K, a marathon or a swimsuit these techniques will help you achieve your goals.  Some days you may just feel like “going for a run” and some days that’s great but if your aim is to improve you need to do the work! Sorry! There just isn’t any way to sugar coat that! Please feel free to approach me when I’m available to talk about your personal goals. You’re paying me to help you- please come out so I can do my job! Even if you’re suffering from an injury there are ways to keep up your training so your post recovery is as quick as possible. There will always be something you can do to help your training and I want nothing more than to help you be the best runner/ bathing suit model you can be!!!!
Also remember that boot camps and personal training sessions are available to tweak your running and personal fitness.
I want to thank  all of you for your continued support of the group and each other. We have always tried to be welcoming of new comers and I appreciate your efforts to make new members feel comfortable and at home. Keep it up! We have a great group here and the more the merrier! You’re ALL elite!
Jerry will talk more about his race series on March 7th but you can sign up for the whole series or set yourself a goal race at www.instride.ca – members of the Grimsby Runners receive a discount on individual races so if you’re signing up ask me for the promo code. “membership has its privileges”!
So as the weather warms up so will the training. Continue your dedication! This might be just another winter to our more seasoned runners but our novices have showed fantastic dedication and will power to keep up the great work!!!!! I’m very proud of our veterans and “newbies” alike!!!!

Dream Maker Run For The Bus – 60 Mile Charity Run Update October 11, 2010

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It was a huge success! Yesterday was the Dream Maker run and we would like to send a great big thank you to all family, friends, and community members who came out and showed support. The BBQ and clothing sales went well; the clinic members that helped to cook and sell did a great job. Even a few people driving by stopped to donate to the cause. There was not one lap that Doug ran alone. Someone from the Grimsby Runners family was always there with him – sometimes even people in the community joined in for a block or lap. It was great to hear that our community members are inspired and empowered to start running, even if they might feel a little nervous starting out or have some habits they would like to change. It definitely gave Doug the motivation he needed on his long (and painful!) run. After 12 laps, he was at the half way mark when his hamstring popped out. Yes, it was painful, to say the least! Determined to finish, he popped it back in place and continued on. Running with care, he was grateful to see the signs of encouragement that read “Go Doug Go” and “Happy Birthday Doug! Get er done” on lawns along the route. One offered water to cool down and drinks. Another placed 2 candles out to count down the last two of 24 laps. Sixty miles, ninety six and a half kilometres, and about thirteen hours and thirty minutes later, he finished the last lap with many of the clinic members and his son, Jacob, running by his side. We raised eleven hundred dollars for Run For The Bus!!


We are still collecting pledges. You can hand them in to Doug personally, mail them in, or submit your pledges online. Thank you again for your generosity and support! 

We could not have done it without you – Thank you.


Doug Flis and Run for the Bus September 3, 2010

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This write up from June 2009 was found on The Niagara Running Series site and we wanted to include it here since its Run For The Bus time again !! 

“Last summer Doug Flis of Runner’s Den Grimsby and a three time participant on Cruise To Run ran a mile for for every year of his birth. You will frequently see Doug running with his clinic members at Subaru Niagara Running series races. Doug has done this type of thing many times before. Last summer his purpose was to Run for the Bus. Doug and his wife Jennifer Johnston decided to do this after their trip on Cruise To run when they realized that many of the children on St. Lucia could not go to school simply because they couldn’t afford transportation.

Doug and Jenn and the friends and family who helped Doug on his journey raised $6,500 for the Run for the Bus.

Doug recently learned of the children he will be helping with his run. Nuage Ernest 14 yrs and Nathan Ernest 11 yrs. Their mother has passed away and their father is unemployed and blind and the children are not able to attend school regularly because of inadequate finances.
The family receives financial assistance from family and friends.Both of the schools that the boys are currently attending agree that the boys are well behaved students with great potential but are unable to be at school regularly because of the family situation.

Now the boys will be able to attend school.


Attention all Dream Maker Run Supporters! September 3, 2010

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Hello Dream Maker Run Supporters!

It’s that time of year again- when Doug is training for his Dream Maker birthday run! Since he has turned 60 years old, this year he will be running 60 miles (96.5 km) !! I know he’s crazy- the older he gets, the farther he has to run!

This year the “Dream Maker Run For The Bus” will be on October 9th (starting at 6:30am, running for 12 hours or so) at The Grimsby Runner’s (New Image Fitness) and we’re pretty excited about it.

As many of you know, we participated in Jerry Friesen’s Run in the Sun Cruise. We visited 5 Caribbean islands and met loads of wonderful people. What struck us was the contrast between the luxury of our Princess cruise ship and the abject poverty of the islands. Our friends Jan and Linda told us a disturbing story about what the children of St. Lucia have to endure to go to high school. If they pass an entrance test and their parents can afford to pay their tuition they are allowed to go to high school. The tuition is usually manageable but if they live rurally the cost of bussing is prohibitive. As a result, these school age kids end up living on the street in town selling whatever they can (beads, necklaces, etc.) to tourists to try and support themselves. So! “Run For The Bus” was born!

The format will be the same as previous years with people getting pledges and coming out to run with Doug along the 2.5 mile (4 km) laps through downtown Grimsby.  The run will be happening for about 12 hours or so lots of runners are appreciated! Even if you don’t want to run, you can still pledge and show your support. We will also have a BBQ, raffles, door prizes, bands and, as always, tons of fun!

We are approaching new and repeat sponsors to help us help these kids. An education means so much and in our world we tend to take it for granted. If you think back to your own youth, you probably find that many of the dreams that shaped your life started in high school- help us give the children of St. Lucia that same well deserved opportunity to dream!

Levels of support and respective advertising opportunities are as follows:

$300.00           logo on all posted material and pledge forms

$200.00           logo on pledge forms

 Contact us by next week to discuss your level of support and we’ll get your logos to send to our printers. We know money earmarked for donations is always at a premium so we really appreciate any level of support you can give us. Let’s send some kids to school and RUN FOR THE BUS!!!

Instride.ca events and helping our communities January 30, 2010

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 Instride.ca is the site to go to if you are looking for maps, series champions, courses, results, and race photos from events such as the Tim Horton’s Grimsby Half Marathon, the Tim Horton’s Peachbud 10K, the RONA Beamsville Bench 5K, Dempster’s Run for the Grapes Half Marathon and 5K, and more! What you might not know is that it also does good. Check out some of the charity partners at Instride.ca

Charity Partners

 The Subaru Niagara Running Series works with charitable organizations where we live, work and run to raise funds and awareness to their causes. With our events that have a charity component—100% of the pledge monies raised goes directly the programs in our communities. For information on the charities please visit the charity pages at each race below.

Event Charity Partner
Tim HortonsGrimsby Half Marathon/ 3k McNally House Hospicehttp://mcnallyhousehospice.com/

 in memory of

Robert Katolinsky

Niagara Fitness SolutionsJordan 5k & 1k Red Roof Retreatwww.redroofretreat.com
Premier Nutrition Confederation Park 5k & 2k  
Tim Hortons Peachbud 10k/5k/1k West Lincoln Memorial Hospital Foundationwww.wlmhfoundation.ca
Beamsville Bench 5k  
The Standard Run for the Grapes , Dempsters Half Marathon and 5k Heart and Stroke Foundationwww.heartandstroke.ca
Tim Hortons Casablanca Classic 8k Wounded Warriorswww.Woundedwarriors.ca