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save the Bruce Trail!!! April 27, 2012

Posted by Grimsby Runners in Save the Bruce Trail!!!.
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I was very interested to read the Hamilton Spectator’s front page celebration (on the April 14th issue ) of the fiftieth anniversary of the Bruce Trail. I celebrate the Bruce Trail also and the timing of the article was rather ironic with an experience I had concerning the Trail that same weekend.

I frequent the trail where it passes through Grimsby, my home town where my husband and I own Grimsby Runners.  The main and side trails in this area are particularly lovely due to the presence of 40 Mile Creek and Beamer’s Falls. On Sunday, however, my husband, a friend and I decided to venture in to the Paramount Area (Stoney Creek) to catch the trail there and perhaps run back to Grimsby. My husband and I used to live in Hamilton and considered this our “home trail” at that time for trail running and hiking. We knew the trail well and looked forward to reacquainting ourselves with an old friend. I cannot explain how horrified we were to discover part of the trail had been PAVED!!!! We continued on our run hoping it was just a little piece near the park that had been violated. We came across a city worker so my husband asked about the new sidewalk . The city worker explained that this had been “on the books” for about 4 years  and it would be so much better because bikes, strollers and kids could use the trail (and I use the term loosely) more easily. I guess the whole “oldest and longest footpath” moniker just went out the window with the overwhelming smell of tar. The city worker was also anxious to tell us that this was just the beginning that there will be 10 kilometers of paved trail before the destruction will finally cease.


To add insult to injury the photos I have attached depict the new fence (I concede an absolute necessity safety first always) and the careless dumping of the old fence down the gorge at Felker’s Falls! One might argue the degradability of the old logs but the orange safety fence? And were the old logs treated? And maybe a chipper might have been a good idea?

Friends who live in the paramount area have noticed increased use of the trail as advertised mainly by atv’s, bikes and teens looking for somewhere to smoke their drugs. Is this the “increased accessibility” that paving the trail was aiming to encourage?

We promote trail running in the running groups at our store. We teach members how to do it properly as well as respect and appreciation of the trails. There have been recent upgrades to the trail in our area also. All of these have been accomplished using natural materials. Some trees needed to be pruned and the remnants were then chipped and used on the trail to keep the upgrades environmentally friendly. I surveyed the upgrades with my one year old grandson in his jogging stroller, which is the accessibility that I think was intended!

Please contact Bruce Trail Society if you are also offended by this desecration of our wilderness. We need to prevent further destruction!