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Co-founder Doug Flis has the experience and knowledge behind him that gives this running family a great foundation. He has completed 74 marathons, including the Kona Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii. He has qualified for the Boston Marathon 13 times and has completed the Boston Marathon 6 times. In the past two years, he has helped 20 people qualify for Boston as well. A significant accomplishment was winning a 24-hour race, completing 115 miles! He has also completed 24 Around the Bay races. Doug has completed many long distance independent runs to raise money for charitable causes, such as the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Children’s Hospital, and the Run for the Bus which raised money for children in the Caribbean who cannot afford transportation needed to get to school. He also does an annual Birthday Run, matching his distance to his birthday years and, when money is raised it is donated to charitable causes such as Run for the Bus and most recently Ronald McDonald House in Hamilton.

Doug Flis
Running Resume

Ironman Triathlon (Hawaii)
74 Marathons in Total
13 Marathons under 3 hours
20 Marathons under 3 1/2 hours
Best Marathon: 2:44hrs (4 min km)
Best 1/2 Marathon: 1 Hr 15 Mins
Best 50-mile (80 km): 6:35hrs (5 min km)
Best 24-hour: 115 miles (184 km)
24 Around the Bay Races (30 km)
Best Bay Race: 1:55hrs (-4 min km)
Best 12hr: 81.9 miles (131 km)
Best 10k: 34:35min (-3.5 min km)
Seven 100 mile runs
Qualified for Boston 13 times
Ran from Hamilton, Ont. to Ellicottville, N.Y. (112 miles) [3 times: 1990, 1991 and 2011]
Ran from Mississauga, Ont. to London, Ont. (112 miles)

Boston Marathons:

Won two 12-hour races: 63.9 miles (102 km), 74.5 miles (119 km)
Won one 24-hour race: 115 miles (184 km), (5th in Canada)

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