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Member Profiles and Testimonials

Grimsby Runners is a family of runners and each member has shown outstanding results when it comes to running and fitness – some have even surprised themselves with their results.

This section highlights individual member accomplishments and team accomplishments.

 Tell us what you thought about your journey, how you felt along the way, and what it is like to reach your running and fitness goals.



1. Jacob - August 9, 2010

Hi all:

My name is Jacob and I began running about 2 year ago. Before I joined the Grimsby Runners, I was’nt fat but I was out of shape. With emotional and mental persistence, I concentrated on my running in the past July and August of 2009. After only two months of running, I was able to run a half marathon the 18th of september of 2009.
I owe it to Doug and Jen, without their encouragement and patience, I don’t believe that I could’ve run a half marathon or even get through the training that is required to run a half marathon.
The running clinic is a place where I can forget the hassles of my life for at least an hour and be able to run with the members, especially this big 6″7 guy called Martin.
Doug and Jen have started something great in Grimsby and I hope that everyone will know about them because they are great people that run a great business.

Thanks for everything

2. Denis Kennedy - April 2, 2010

Hi Guys…
Lin and I have been running, off and on, for about 9 years now. We have a full marathon,Bay, and several half marathons under our belts. In that time we have learned a fair bit…a lot of what to do and more of what not to do!
(Like, buy , and wear new socks,shorts and t-shirt at the Expo the night before a marathon! DUH!
One of the best things about the sport is the people you meet. We all have differing abilities and goals, yet we all help and support each other! RUNNERS ARE THE BEST PEOPLE!
As I said above, you learn a few things as you progress, and one of those things is who knows what they are doing,especially a coach. Everything Doug Fliss has said to us has had that “ring of truth” to it,born of knowledge and experience. (OK…maybe just the stuff about running!)
So listen to him!….and-S_T_R_E_T_C_H

3. Linette Kennedy - March 29, 2010

Hi Friends:

I began my running in 2002 at age 54 and quit in 2004, 3 days before Around the Bay Race due to a health issue that reared it’s ugly head. I watched Denis complete the race in 3:08 with mixed joy and sadness, as to what was next for me…
After 2 MRI’s, I was diagnosed with late onset MS and to make a long story short, had symptoms off and on for a year. Of course I stopped running regularly but found a doctor that was fabulous and encouraged me to run lightly and protect my immune system…he wasn’t sure about marathon running???? But I didn’t require meds! So we were happy…who needed to do marathons??

On a much happier note…symptom free for the rest of the years…we moved to Beamsville 2008 (fall) and last April (2009) walked into Runner’s Den and met Doug. I felt immediately comfortable enough to tell him my story for what seemed like hours…(at that point I had only told people close to me at work and really close friends) ..He asked me what times that I had done previous races, he seemed to know what he was getting at…and then after number crunching assured me that I could “GET TO BOSTON”…a dream I had long forgotten about after my diagnosis! Needless to say I signed up and the rest …..

Well, I’m not there yet, but, after more reassurance from Doug and Jenn I did go on to complete this years Round The Bay…(my mental hurdle) with Denis at my side. We didn’t do great time (3:45) but I felt so strong afterwards and Thank God I got this one OUT OF THE WAY!

So, Doug a big thank you. I know at time’s over this past year I’ve been whimpy and negative but that’s over…I’M HERE and ready to “kick butt”…this was my first road to BOSTON!
Thanks Jen and all my new pals at Grimsby Runner’s…you all know who you are!!

For ‘newbie runners’…hang in, there will be good runs and bad runs…but, bottom line…DOUG’S PLAN WORKS and all his little tricks are there to help you…love you all lots….
Keep well….Lin Kennedy

4. David M - February 3, 2010

I was a couch potato most of my life. About five years ago my sister & my bother inlaw were trying to figure out what to give me as a birthday present. My sister suggested to him why lets get my brother an early birthday present a summer session walk run clinic thru Runner’s Den Grimsby (Now known a Grimsby Runners). My brother inlaw thought she was joking and thought that I (aka ” Couch Potato”)
would not take her up on the offer or Stick with the walk/run clinic until the end of the session. About a month and half before summer session of the walk run clinic was about to start. My sister told me she wanted to do the summer session walk/run clinic thru Runners Den Grimsby and asked me if I wanted to be her walk/run partner. Because she did not want to do it alone and offered to pay for my clinic registration as an early birthday present if I went as her walk/run partner. After some long & deep thought I took her up on her offer. When I arrived in the store for the first day of summer session walk/run everybody made me feel welcome and motivated to run. Since the time of my first walk/run clinic till now I have run many 5K, 8K, 10K, 10mi, Half Marathon’s, 30K around the bay and Marathons. If it was’nt for Grimsby Runner’s help training and the constant motivation from the rest of the running group I would have quit running right after my first walk/run clinic.

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